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About Mr. Corbitt

Corbitt Williams, from Florida by way of Boston, has been a New York resident for 8 years. His love for music started very young, and by age 11 he was performing in a local chorus and at community theatres. After graduating from Boston Conservatory with a degree in musical theater, Corbitt toured and performed with Disney Cruise Lines and as a cabaret singer in New York, before discovering a love for teaching and performing for families and children. 



Tap, tap, tap on the high chair. Stomp, stomp, stomp on the rug. Clap, clap, clap on the beat. Long before babies can crawl, walk, or talk, they are making music. Does it sound to our ears like music? Maybe not, but infants communicate with us through the universal language of music long before they do it with words. That’s why it’s our job, whether we are parents, caregivers, extended family, or teachers, to meet our little ones where they are. Mr. Corbitt music classes build a musical foundation for the early childhood age group by encouraging musical play and introducing simple music theory exercises that connect our tykes’ musical world to ours, and more importantly, ours to theirs. Using contemporary songs from the realms of jazz, reggae, pop, rock, and R&B to illustrate these developmental concepts, Mr. Corbitt classes are a far cry from the norm. 

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Baby (3-12 Months)

Toddler (10-24 Months)

Big Kid (2-4 Years)

Space Cadet (4-8 Years)



Mr. Corbitt’s high-energy, boisterous concerts are perfect for birthday parties, playdates, and seasonal events, with song selections to please both children and adults alike. Pop, reggae, disco, and jazz: nothing is off-limits in a Mr. Corbitt concert. Set lists can be fully customizable to match your party theme, or you can choose from a list of Mr. Corbitt’s themed set lists. Mr. Corbitt can also act as DJ with a curated playlist for your event before or after the concert. These interactive sessions are packed full with audience participation, and instruments and other props are provided to encourage fun. These concerts will transform your gathering into a joyful celebration that you’ll be talking about for weeks to come.


Jungle Jams

Disco Fever

Black Tie Affair

Let’s Rock!

Under Water

Road Trip



Are you a Mommy-and-Me novice? Are you looking to train your new early childhood teachers? Do you have a fear of public speaking and need tips on how to lead large groups of people? With over a decade of classical theater training and five years experience teaching Mommy-and-Me-style classes, Mr. Corbitt is the teacher who can give you the tools you need to command the room and set your clients at ease. Through a mixture of exercises and coaching, you will learn how to dynamically use your voice to focus attention and how to overcome your own fears and anxieties to be the most effective teacher and public speaker possible. 

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