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Come and sing with us!

When you have a small child, time is precious. Between naps, feedings, classes, birthday parties, and playtime, every minute counts. How can you be sure that the class you just enrolled in will be worth it? You want to walk away knowing that not only did your child benefit and learn, but will it be fun for you too? When you invest in a Mr. Corbitt experience, you can rest assured that your time will be well spent. Who said everything you do for your child has to be boring for you? Every high-energy, fast-paced class is packed full of fantastic music along with a fun-filled, positive atmosphere and musical benefits to enrich your little one’s cognitive development. Our ultimate goal is to be the highlight of your week and to put an irresistible smile on your case. 

Choose Mr. Corbitt and have the time of your life.

About Mr. Corbitt

Learn more about the man behind the microphone. 


Mr.Corbitt sings fun tunes both kids

and parents will enjoy! Check it out!


Interested in seeing Mr.Corbitt live? Here's our upcoming events.

Mr Corbitt
Mr Corbitt 1
Mr Corbitt 4
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