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February 2, 2017

January 30, 2017

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The 6 W’s

January 30, 2017

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February 2, 2017



Simon Sinek, a renowned entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, wrote an amazing book a few years ago called Start With Why. Within the pages, Sinek explains that no one’s business can be truly successful until he identifies and recognizes his WHY -- i.e., his/her purpose in doing what he/she does. To Mr. Sinek, your WHY is not about the financials; it’s “a purpose, cause, or belief. Your WHY is the very reason you exist.”

Babies are born with some of the most amazing human qualities. They are tireless doers. The are effective communicators. They are deeply honest with their emotions. They try and try and try, and then try again. Imagine a year where you learn to sit up, crawl, walk, play, speak, and cope with the many stimuli of our world with absolutely zero prior experience. Any adult could lose himself in depression, frustration, or anxiety. But these tiny babies, a fraction of our size, work harder in a day than the hardest-working adult you know.


The rapid development of infants, toddlers, and young children fascinates me. More and more, science is showing us that the littlest members of our society come equipped with an understanding of the way the world works. Despite this, their little bodies and brains still have to play catch-up with that innate understanding. When a child plays, a child is performing experiments, trying to figure out the way the world works by trial and error. Sometimes a baby rapping on their high chair with a spoon can be a source of unwanted noise we might discourage. From that baby’s point of view, he is using music to communicate with his mother who is feeding him. When the same baby repeatedly drops his spoon on the floor, he is testing the laws of gravity and acoustics. Often these little experiments can be misinterpreted by grown-ups,


When I meet a child through my line of work, whether in a class or at a concert, I have no idea what his/her life is like before or after our meeting. This could be the most doted-on, encouraged, and loved little tyke on the entirety of Planet Earth. There is also a chance that the child may be misunderstood, neglected, overwhelmed, or otherwise lacking in love. It is not my business to know this or not, but it is my business to spread love and light to every single child I meet.


Children deserve our very best, because they always gives theirs. They inspire us and show us what true joy, courage, and determination looks like. Their brilliance shines through in even the earliest moments of their life, and the more that we recognize this, the more we can be their guides, leading them through this crazy world of ours with grace, compassion, and understanding, the more we will see the world through their eyes.


So, why do I do this, or anything in my life? I want to change the world. I want to inspire children and adults to be their very best selves. It all starts with our very first day on Earth, which is why I want to be there from the start.


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